melchiorristudiogallery creates tailor-made products from a unique combination of design and finish.Nothing is industrial, every product is made to meet your specific needs as a result of our successful cooperation with architects and designers, all focused on offering unique solutions. For us it's a constant challenge in researching new finishes, materials and projects, a challenge we are facing with the enthusiasm of those artists who make of craftsmanship and uniqueness their own cornerstones and quality guarantee.

Our goal is to involve our clients in every phase of the project: from concept to prototype, from production to assembling. This is made possible by using a restricted access area where every phase will be documented, even through photos and rendering, to make you feel an active part of the entire process and let you follow the progress of your order. claims to be the real expression of custom "made in Italy".

Our production is based on the constant research for the highest quality standards together with the manual skills of Italian craftsmen: a custom "made in Italy" makes us unique in the world.